The Dojo

Bujinkan Mid Kent Dojo was founded in April 1998.

The instructor at Bujinkan Mid Kent Dojo is Stephen Boddy.

Stephen started training in Bujinkan martial arts in 1993. Since then he has travelled many times around Europe and to Japan, to learn from Hatsumi-sensei and other leading teachers. He trains regularly with Peter King, the senior instructor in the UK and attends seminars around the country to learn from other visiting teachers.

Training at Bujinkan Mid Kent Dojo is friendly, relaxed and non-competitive and often follows the format used in many Bujinkan dojo:

Warm up exercises
Ukemi – how to fall safely
Kihon – practicing the basics
Followed by the particular lesson of the day, which may be based on the year’s theme or a particular school, technique, idea or weapon.